About IPA

Established on February 12, 2020, under the leadership of Ekrem İmamoğlu, the Mayor of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, the Istanbul Planning Agency (IPA) aims to plan a ‘fair, green, creative and happy’ Istanbul through scientific coordination.

The Istanbul Planning Agency aims to determine the role, vision, and direction of Istanbul in the global system and to offer scientific, rational, and permanent solutions to the real problems of Istanbul.

IPA produces accurate and up-to-date data on Istanbul, develops social policy models that will have an impact on the daily lives of its inhabitants, designs the public spaces of the city in a participatory and need-oriented manner, and works towards realizing the 2050 vision of the city.

It is a “collective mind” mechanism that brings together stakeholders who want to rethink and produce about Istanbul. It has a wide stakeholder network consisting of non-governmental organizations, academia, private sector, international organizations, and planning agencies of different cities from different parts of the world.

The IPA Campus in Florya is the meeting hub of this collective mind mechanism.

The Istanbul Planning Agency consists of five units working as an ecosystem: