Istanbul: Living costs have increased by 73 percent in a year

The cost of living increased by 11.17 percent in the city in a month, according to the March report of the İstanbul Planning Agency of the İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

The İstanbul Planning Agency (İPA), affiliated with the opposition-run İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality (İMM), released its March 2022 report regarding the cost of living in İstanbul yesterday (April 4).

According to the Agency, the cost of living saw a 11.17-percent increase in the city in a month. In March, the cost of living in İstanbul soared by 73.63 percent, as the report of the İPA has demonstrated.

Some of the items based on which the cost of living in İstanbul is calculated have seen the following price increases in a month:

  • Granulated sugar: 27.10 percent
  • Sunflower oil: 39.95 percent
  • Rice: 4.43 percent
  • Red meat: 21.30 percent
  • Chicken: 28.54 percent
  • Diesel: 42.57 percent