‘Changing Local Democracy and New City Making Practices’, is a comparative research project initiated by Play the City, the Istanbul Planning Agency’s Vision 2050 Office, and the City of Amsterdam. The hands-on research focuses on open, inclusive, and participatory city practices and it is made possible with the support of the Netherlands Creative Industries Fund [Stimuleringsfonds Creative Industries].

On 19-20 August, a knowledge exchange meeting was held at Müze Gazhane bringing experts from Amsterdam and Istanbul together through a number of lectures and interactive workshops. Both cities are developing their Vision 2050 plans in a participatory manner, which makes the exchange more concrete and purposeful. About 20 Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality -IMM- employees attended the event with the participation of the relevant units of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and the Amsterdam Municipality as well as a number of external experts.

‘Changing Local Democracy and New City Making Practices’ will be reported through a detailed written and video report in the coming period. A follow-up event is being planned for receiving experts from Istanbul in Amsterdam that will make the exchange and collaboration between the two cities possible.